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Treatment Table
Oct 24,2019

1. Sponge rebound coefficient tester
The sponge hammer is suitable for testing elastic properties (rebound coefficient) in polyester elastomer test items. This machine adopts microcomputer and photoelectric technology, electromagnetic control, digital tube directly displays the weak coefficient value, and has the characteristics of accurate measurement, good repeatability, convenient use and beautiful appearance. At the same time, it adopts two methods of visual inspection and instrument test, which increases the instrument. The credibility is easy for the user to use. It provides a practical instrument for measuring the resilience of elastic materials such as flexible foam and reducing human error and visual fatigue.

2. Salt spray test machine


The salt spray corrosion test chamber can evaluate the salt spray corrosion resistance of the material and its protective layer, and the process quality of similar protective layers. At the same time, it can evaluate the resistance of some products to salt spray corrosion. The product is suitable for parts and electronics. Salt spray corrosion test of components, protective layers of metal materials and industrial products.


treatment table

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