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Oct 24,2019

What are the lab machines:
1. Leather resistance tester
The leather resistance tester is used to test the flexibility of the leather and fabric of the physiotherapy bed at normal temperature. One end surface of the test piece is used as the inner side, and the other end surface is reciprocally bent as the outer side, and the bending is recorded when the test piece is damaged. The number of times; or set the number of bends, and then take out to observe the degree of damage.

2.taber wear testing machine
This machine is used for abrasion test of leather and cloth. The method is to use a standard cutter to cut the test piece, use a specified type of grinding wheel, and load a certain weight to wear, after the specified number of revolutions, take out the test piece, observe the condition of the test piece or compare the weight difference before and after the test piece test. .

3. Automatic burst strength testing machine
The automatic burst strength testing machine is an international general-purpose nylon-type instrument widely used in packaging materials. It is mainly used to measure various paperboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated paperboard. It can also be used for non-paper materials such as silk and cotton. Test for burst strength. As long as the material is placed, it is automatically detected, automatic test, automatic oil pressure return and automatic calculation, storage test data, printing, digital display of the instrument and automatic printing of test results and data processing.
Treatment table

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