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Oct 24,2019


treatment table

That is what we can offer!!!

We focus on research and development, our R&D team has more than 20 engineers,

they working on how to make product more reasonable,

how to produce the products with a standard craft,

they are improving the value of our products by technology.

and we have more than 100 patents on our products or part for now.


treatment table


From 2015 to 2017, with the development of a number of new and high technology,

the implementation of Toyota Product System (TPS),

we enhanced the level of enterprise manufacturing management;

also introduce two important intelligent manufacturing mode,

metal processing and automatic production line;

Emphatically cultivating talents on intelligent manufacturing.


12+3+5 operation pattern

Multi-functional products with potential marketing opportunity,

strong universality, less manufacturing cost.


12 Engineers would design the structure after knowing your demand


treatment table


3 technical consultant would optimize it, making it more marketable




treatment table


5 supervisors would monitor production process to minimize your production costs


treatment table


Guangdong Dongpin beauty & medical technology Co., Ltd,

Support you with professional technology

and let\'s materialize our dream products together

treatment table


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