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DP-S805 adjustable treatment therapy table with comfort

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DP-S805 Adjustable Treatment Table
  • Adjustable Treatment Table
  • Adjustable Treatment Table

DP-S805 Adjustable Treatment Table

DP-S805 Adjustable Treatment Table

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    Various colors avilable
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    PU/PVC leather, Synthetic foam, metal, Acrylic base cover
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DP-S805 Adjustable Treatment Table

DP-S805 belongs to S8 series. This series of products adopts mature and stable   

connecting rod mechanism as transmission mechanism, with large thrust medical  

mute motor, and the whole process of lifting is smooth and quiet.The chassis is    

welded by robots to avoid manual errors caused by manual welding, and the        

whole product is more stable. With Item-05 multifunctional bed surface,it can       

meet the different operation requirements in physiotherapy and massage process.


It is equipped with two motors, respectively control the overall lift and central lifting.

The overall lifting range is 53-97cm. the middle lifting function is specially designed  

for the waist and back care, taking into account the human body function to give    

guests the best physical and mental effects.                                                      

With the idea of "Guests First"

our product configuration is not only here, but other uses may be considered.

There are two optional functions, the side control of the middle and the rear.

When the controller is placed on the left side of the bed, while you work on  

other side, the side controller can help you solve the problem.At the same    

time, due to some nursing processes, tools disinfection or painted liquid, the 

hand can not contact two times, foot control lifting can meet the needs of    

different heights during the operation.                                                    

 The sizes of the products we design can meet the needs of most people. 

Sharp tools make good work!

Good products must be produced by good equipments . DongPin has complete 

 complete inspection of incoming materials, advanced production equipment.

Every detail of the product reveals the enterprise's dedication to the product.

A good product need to adapt to the use of a number of occasions,

DP-S8 series can be used in micro plastic surgery, physiotherapy clinic, beauty slimming.

High-quality and durable therapy tables to meet your hospital or clinic needs. Shop and save at DP.


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