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DP-G902A Electric Physio Table

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DP-G902A Electric Physio Table
  • Electric Physio Table

DP-G902A Electric Physio Table

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    DP-G902 Electric Physio Table
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    N.W.:90kgs G.W.:100kgs
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    various colors available
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DP-G902A Electric Physio Table

The modifiability, adjustability and silent operation of the sturdy DP-G901 

improve functionality and enhance the comfort of use.    

Its multiple height settings, easy-to-use armrests and side supports,

and the stepless adjustable extension and flexion angle of the foot section 

improve the ergonomics and efficiency of the work being carried out.                                       


DP-G902 Massage Table Function Description:

1. The bed can be overall lift with height range of 61-90cm.(motor)

2. The head can be tilted upward with a maximum angle of 75º.(motor)

3. The seat can be tilted upward with a maximum angle of 10º.(motor)

4. The legs can be tilted downward with a maximum angle of 90º.(manual)

5. Separate legs can be turn around 0º to 90º rotation range. (manual)

6. Open the fixed switch, adjustable length of small legs (range 0 ~ 12cm). (manual)

7. Unscrew the five star knob to adjust the height of the pillow. (manual)

8. Open the plastic angle to adjust wrench,pillow angle:0ºto 90º.(manual )

9. Toggle controlling clamp,the bed can be rotated 0ºto 360º.            

10. The armrest of the head can be rotated backward to 180º.             

11. Adjust the foot pad to make the beauty bed stable.                       

12. Suitable for hotel, health club, beauty saloon, hospital and massager school.

G901-massage table_02

All DongPin treatment tables come with high-quality, durable and soft upholstery.

It is easy to keep the table clean, thanks to its straight surfaces and encased motor. 

G901-massage table_03G901-massage table_04

DP-G902A Electric Physio Table.DP portable massage bed offers the ultimate price/performance ratio without sacrificing comfort or durability.

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