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DP-8230 Electric massage table

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DP-8230 Electric massage table
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DP-8230 Electric massage table

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    DP-8230 Electric massage table
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    N.W.:49kgs G.W.:64kgs
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    various colors avilable
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DP-8230 Electric massage table

our company's classic design

meets the present cosmetology massage and the hand, the leg, 

the back surface simple physical treatment massage.

Electric massage table

 DP-8230 Electric Massage Table Function Description:                                                                                                      

1. The bed can be overall lift with height range of 57-86cm.(Motor)                                           

2. The head can be tilted upward with a maximum angle of 50º.(Manual)                                  

3. Depression pedal,the bed is free to move.                                                                           

4. Adjust the foot pad to keep the bed steady. (Manual)                                                            

5. Suitable for hotel, health club, beauty saloon, hospital and massage school.            

8230 Massage-table 02           

DP-8230 belongs to the electric massage bed

According to the nursing needs, through the remote control to 

adjust the height of the massage bed

manually adjust the back angle

So that the massagists do not have to stoop,but increasing working strength massage.

DP-8230 Electric massage table is made of soft PU leather and high density foam

to make you comfortable lying.



8230 Massage-table 03

The underframe is welded by robots,Chassis robot welding,

because the quality of the massage bed 

most directly reflects the degree of stability!


A good Electric massage table, the underframe must be stable, do not shake! 

In the gravity test of 150KGS and 200KGS conditions,

The motor is still perfect work!

The frame of the bed is not out of shape. 

Just imagine

when you go to have a massage care, the massage bed is shaky.

Do you still have the mood to continue nursing?

Electric massage table

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